Fr. Nicklas’ 2019 Seminar on Hell in the Christian East and West


This first (introductory) talk presents the central place historically and culturally of hell in the Roman Catholic and Protestant West – and why hell is the real issue rather than heaven.  It also answers the conspicuous question of why hell (as it is understood in the West) has not been propagated in the Eastern (Orthodox) Church.



In this talk the historic, cultural and theological formation of hell is delineated as it has come to be held in all of the Christian West.  This answers the question of how Christianity in the West got to this point – and why the Eastern Church has not …and will not.



In this final talk, hell (and heaven) are presented as they are understood in the Orthodox Church. It presents the depth and span of this ancient doctrine. Which is the basis of the East’s view of man, the Church, the present work and purpose of this life – and our future, eternal state.


2019 Rolla Seminar Outline on Heaven & hell

This outline provides much of the references in the talk and the basic points presented. It also includes a final section on the implication to the work of the Church that was not presented.