St Basil Mission Receives Boniface (Tanner) Tindell as its First Catechumen


     We had the great joy of receiving our first catechumen into the mission last Sunday: Boniface (Tanner) Tindell. Boniface is the adult son of Mary (Leah) Tindell who last summer was the first one baptized at St. Basil’s.









He has been searching for the faith for some time – traveling to Chicago visiting his Orthodox brother Darren who introduced him to the Church – and worshipping with us since his Mother’s baptism and entry into the Church.


Boniface was one of those like myself who, at the first Divine Liturgy he experienced knew he had found his spiritual home. From that point it has been a question of mostly waiting for me to return and be ordained and begin his formal catechetical study and entry into the Church.


He is one of those Catechumens who doesn’t struggle with accepting any of the teaching or practice of the Church (unusual for the Bible-belt converts), not because he isn’t intellectually engaged, but because he’s experienced Christ in the Liturgy of His Church and therefore has a level of confidence that needs no academic validation.

…May God Grant Him Many Years!