Metropolitan Jonah Ordains St. Basil’s Nick Aiello to the Holy Diaconate

It was a double-blessing to be ordained to the holy diaconate on the Feast of the Annunciation. Not only is that the name of the parish where my family and I began our journey into the Church, but it is also where my confessor and many of my oldest and dearest friends remain.








The awareness of my parish family celebrating their Matronal Feast in Oregon while I was being ordained at St. Nicholas Cathedral in Washington DC, was almost surreal. It is the kind of poetic symmetry that is so often seen and experienced in our life in the Church.










It also felt, and indeed is, a confirmation of God’s continued blessing on the Mission. There was no question that my ordination was not based on having completed seminary studies, but rather, was specifically – and exclusively – for serving the Mission. …As will be my ordination (God willing) to the holy priesthood, (again by His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah), this coming St. Thomas Sunday.