Read Our Interview on “Byzantine, Texas”

Byzantine, TX

Intrigued by the unique efforts of Saint Basil the Great Orthodox Mission, Joseph, author of Orthodox Christian blog “Byzantine, Texas,” recently asked us several questions about this mission.  He was kind enough to post the interview to his blog which you can read here.  Here is one of the questions:

What are the current and future plans for St. Basil’s Mission?

Nick: For the summer I’m planning to do daily Matins and Vespers, seminars on Tues. and Wed. evening and to be visible in the community and involved with the local food pantry – which is kind of a ministerial hub in this area.

My plan for the future is to finish my M. Div. studies at St. Tikhon’s next year and (God-willing) be ordained next summer and return as a priest to the mission to continue to build on the foundation we’re laying this summer – one person/family at a time.

My long term plans are to work to change (in every and any opportunity I’m given) the un-Apostolic approach to missions that’s part of the Orthodox culture in this country. That is, to wait until a core group arises (or is discovered) and then supply a priest and support. Rather than developing mission teams – with priests at the lead – who will move into an area and establish a mission…and support themselves. In other words, I intend to work and use whatever voice and influence I’m given to have the “no ones” seen as “someones” worth sacrificing for.

Joel: My wife, three kids and I will be here until the middle of July but I know Nick will be here until the end of August to continue the Reader’s services. As far as publicity is concerned, we’ve created a website, business cards, flyers – the usual – to try and get the word out. We’ve also been walking around town in our cassocks, which seems to turn more heads than anything else. Getting attention only carries you so far though. So for the foreseeable future the goal is to lay a foundation of prayer for the mission, to be visible in the community and begin reaching out in whatever way we can. We’ve made several in-roads already.

We’re very thankful to those, like Joseph, who are providing support to the spread of Orthodox Christianity in Western Oklahoma in whatever way they can!